– What is it?… Angiology VS Phlebology

Angiology, also called vascular medicine, is a specialty that deals with peripheral vessels and lymphatics (leg, abdomen, neck, arm, thorax). On the other hand, phlebology is the medicine of the veins, the medical specialty which makes it possible to diagnose and treat venous diseases only. Vascular medicine or angiology is the management of all peripheral vessels (arteries, veins, lymphatics)

– How?… Diagnosis and innovative treatments

The handling of Doppler ultrasound and knowledge of vascular diseases is essential to the exercise of these two specialties. This ultrasound is an extension of the clinical examination, it is necessary to be able to identify the disease of each patient and then propose the most appropriate treatment.

The profile of Dr. Hamza Benjelloun as a peripheral vascular surgeon and angiologist, perfectly manipulating Doppler ultrasound, makes it possible to clearly identify the diseases of patients, to avoid errors, and to treat them with the most effective and least invasive techniques possible.

When to consult? Arterial, venous, lymphatic vascular pathology:

– Venous insufficiency
– Varicose veins
– Person suffering from phlebitis
– Vascular ulcer
– Ischemia of the lower limbs
– Internal or external bleeding from varicose veins
– Vascular aneurysm
– Lymphedema

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