claudication & foot gangrene

What is it?.. Stopping of blood circulation


‍Sometimes the foot can suffer from a chronic lack of arterial circulation and give coldness, cyanosis, dry gangrene (black toe). This infection is defined by blood stopping in the foot or part of the leg. The causes of this gangrene are different: Smoking, advanced age, chronic dialysis, diabetes, physical inactivity and high blood pressure are the most common causes.


Diagnosis and treatment.. Emergency!


‍Before reaching this stage, the patient may go through a phase of intermittent claudication, i.e. he has cramps in the legs when walking on a variable perimeter of 10m in severe cases up to 1 km in the least serious cases.‍

The treatment is then urgent, it is a question of restoring the arterial circulation as soon as possible. Medical treatment is instituted. And the treatment of choice is dilation of the leg arteries with or without a stent, arterial bypass surgery is rarely necessary.

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