Phlebitis of the legs

What is it?.. A medical emergency

‍Deep phlebitis is a common disease that can have serious consequences if not treated in time or if poorly treated. It is a medical emergency with a risk for the life of the patient and sometimes for the limb.

This is a formation of a blood clot in the deep vein of the thigh or leg, causing inflammation of the vein wall and severe pain. The leg swells at the ankles, then higher.

Diagnosis and treatment

‍An urgent Doppler ultrasound is needed for diagnosis. The treatment is medical by injectable then oral anticoagulant, and by hygieno-dietetic measures. Sometimes, we can intervene to aspirate the clot and avoid future complications such as post phlebitic syndrome.

Superficial phlebitis is less dangerous than deep phlebitis, but it must be treated well so that it does not become complicated with deep phlebitis.

Post phlebitic syndrome complicates 50% of deep phlebitis treated with anticoagulant. This is a long-term complication >6 months. This is due to the sequelae of phlebitis on the wall of the vessels and most often to a deep vein which has remained occluded despite taking anticoagulants. In this case, it is possible to do a dilation with stenting to treat the post phlebitic syndrome.

Dr. H. Benjelloun’s Vascular Cabinet performs the diagnosis and medico-surgical treatment of phlebitis and post-phlebitic syndrome.

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